About EclecticBeaver

About EclecticBeaver

Subtitle: What? It’s NOT about EclecticBeaver…geez!

You probably assumed from the title About EclecticBeaver that this page would deal specifically with me as my alter ego, EclecticBeaver, and my capacity for delivering creative & successful writing packages. However…in actuality, this page is really about you, my prospective client! Paradoxical? Not quite, when you consider that my success, not only as a website business owner but a writer as well, is predicated…on your success! It is a directly proportional relationship that I tirelessly re-evaluate. Why?

Therein lies the data I need to better understand you, my prospective client! And to determine what I need to do in order to succeed in making you a happy member of my EclecticBeaver clientele. That…is precisely my goal as a website business owner! My goal as a writer, however, is clearly not entirely the same.

As a writer, I am challenged daily to create content that will improve your page rank, promote customer loyalty for you and pronounce your brand throughout the internet community yet remain focused on your buyer’s persona! But it does not stop there! Oh no…

As you know, the Internet is dynamic! Product and new service trends are as predictable as the path of a windblown leaf, lol! And yesterday’s voguish tastes in fashions, music, art, dining, travel and so on…have now been replaced by whatever the social markets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are heavily promoting today! As a result, search patterns change and erstwhile keywords become less effective for promoting your website ranking which translates into potential customers finding your website product or service page less and less!

To stay on top of market fluidity, keyword relevancy and general content ‘freshness’ (with emphasis on your evergreen). I periodically re-examine your content (included in all writing packages) to ensure its continuing relevancy. I have to do this! It’s for your own good, lol! It’s the ‘nature of the beast!’ But it does not stop there! Oh no, no…one more step…

Finally…I have no choice but to stay abreast of this dynamic ‘beast’, this thing we call the Internet, in order to stay informed and deliver the best service to you, my prospective client. To accomplish this, I had to adopt a continuous learning philosophy. Now in my spare time, I re-examine relevant web technologies (front-end development & SEO), what’s current in the world, in the writing & marketing communities and what is also happening in web design & graphics. And…yes, of course, I write about all these subjects and more for you, my prospective client!

Aside: I have to confess though that after a particularly hard day & evening of pursuing my business & writing goals you may sometimes find me playing a round or two of good old BattleField 4 (BF4) between 12 – 3 am! Just to relieve some stress, of course, lol!

Oh, almost forgot…

…Hi! My name is Derek <<<EclecticBeaver/Derek Portrait>>> and I am the creator of EclecticBeaver! I offer freelance creative writing services focused on website content writing & copywriting. Welcome – Individuals! Startups! Agencies!

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