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Welcome to EclecticBeaver!

Hi! My name is Derek Lloyd. I am the creator of EclecticBeaver. I live in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am versed in technology & the humanities holding credentials in both fields. My alma mater is the University of Waterloo. After running several small ‘brick & mortar’ technical service businesses, I semi-retired in 2018 devoting full-time attention to my true passion, website technology!

“my Workshop”

This ‘website technology’ phrase encompasses many fields of technical endeavour! I chose to focus on two (2) of them:

  • content writing & its’ ancillary, SEO
  • virtual assistance (remote assistance)

Why these two fields? For one main reason: one compliments the other! I write about what I do daily (…and nightly, lol!) supplemented by continuous learning.

“A daily dose administered via virtual assistance, lol!”

Due to this reciprocal relationship, I am always learning, deploying, and writing something about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, various Linux distros, design, UX, UI, graphics (Adobe Cloud software like Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.), CMSs like WordPress & Joomla, website security, and remote assistance software like TeamViewer. Along with staying current with the industry’s leaders, I can reliably offer my clients professional services!

My present raison d’etre is to continue writing, assist others, and work towards building the EclecticBeaver platform into a respectable digital gateway through which professional writing & virtual assistant services can be safely & affordably acquired! The future…

Listen! There are some exciting changes coming to the internet and the fashion in which websites seek to garner your attention. These changes are due to the advancements in web & communication technologies coupled to a now ‘mature’ internet audience. You can already see some of these changes.

Animation is being increasingly utilized for visual effects and reader interactivity. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads with voice search and chatbots. Further AI integration becomes reality in a project like Sketch2Code which uses AI to give “an application the capability to see and understand what it is seeing.”[from Microsoft AI Labs]

With Sketch2Code, you have the ability to render hand-drawn concepts in HTML. Applications for website design will obviously benefit from this AI advancement! You can readily extrapolate what’s coming![ Skynet!!!…spread the word…lol!]

Although relatively new ‘on the block’, EclecticBeaver is poised to benefit from these website technology changes. For example, EclecticBeaver will be offering custom-designed, lightweight & scalable, website animations called Lotties within 2 months from this post’s date.

The future is boundless though! So I am going to remain open to other mind-tingling possibilities as well. EclecticBeaver is ready! I am ready!! Bring on the future!!!

What can my clients expect? Along with EclecticBeaver’s professional services, I extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee![Qualification: You have to promise to leave a comment explaining why EclecticBeaver did not meet your standard…ok… Ok! You don’t have to…geez!]

Established clients are given the capability of calling me which obviously helps in promoting working relationships, lol! They also receive periodic website audits to identify non-implemented and/or wrongly configured industry standards. These standards may improve your digital presence through SEO and/or website performance.[Note: these recommended standards, if any, would be included in your billing invoice. You would then have time to consider them.]

Subscribed clients are given preferential treatment as they provide a secure business foundation upon which the EclecticBeaver platform builds its’ future! They tend to make their own billing schedules. They have the capability to video call me. A periodic security audit is performed for subscribed clients as well.

Regardless of what type of client you are, EclecticBeaver’s standards remain the same! Its’ goal stays the same too: “to satisfy each & every client!”

Whether you need an article or a comprehensive website maintenance subscription, don’t hesitate to contact EclecticBeaver! The sooner, the better! Why?

In order for EclecticBeaver to provide professional services, it is necessary to become familiar with your business operation, goals, values, and sometimes personnel. Project specifications have to be spelled out. Your expectations of what EclecticBeaver will be contributing towards your project’s success need to be ‘crystal clear.’ A game plan has to be drawn up. All of this takes time! Time…before a project actually starts! This is why EclecticBeaver offers its’ ‘Virtual Assistant Standby Service.’

Sooo! Don’t wait for a project to come looming over the horizon. Be prepared! Contact EclecticBeaver now! Let’s get the ball rolling!!!

“EclecticBeaver’s Mission Statement”
“Subscribed Clients”

Finally, website security for my clients is uppermost in my mind every day! This is why I enforce the HTTPS protocol on EclecticBeaver at the expense of 100 milliseconds in delay time for a URL redirect. This is why I do not have a direct payment method on my website. Instead, I use PayPal Invoicing as it does not require me to locally store any sensitive personal data.

So what about you? What do you think? Have a suggestion? Need something I did not mention? Perhaps you want to consult with me in order to help solidify your website idea(s). Contact me! [Note: consultation is free for the first 1/2 hour. Consulting costs are waived if you become a subscribed client.]

Proactive website security plan
EclecticBeaver has a proactive security plan!

A friendly aside: if you have a project and would like to know, within a realistic degree of certainty, the chance of its’ success; then, I would recommend spending, at least, one hour subjecting the project to the well-established goal-setting tool, SMART [not affiliated] or here [not affiliated]. I find it to be a good ‘rule of thumb’ in the absence of anything else.

EclecticBeaver ‘s invoicing is…