Hello world!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to EclecticBeaver & 2022!

Hello! Welcome to EclecticBeaver! My name is Derek and I am the site’s creator. I want to take this time and wish each & every one of you the very best for the coming New Year!

Things are in disarray here at the present due to circumstances for which I wish I had had control! But…alas, it was not to be!!! Consequently, I am now, once again (Odin…please help me, I beg U!!!), in the process of instilling life into a phoenix called EclecticBeaver.

Does EclecticBeaver have the willpower to once again arise from the ashes? Yes, of course! Is there life after ‘ashes?’ Another asinine question I asked myself…ugh! Will success finally be realized? Successful people never quit!

What can I say? Stay tuned…I am sure time will reveal the answers to all these questions…and more…

Besides, there will always be that factor ‘X’…you know…the one which renders your contingency plans useless…ugh…bloody ugh! Times 2 again…geez!

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