Mr. Putin! You live on the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ too!

Mr. Putin and the Pale Blue Dot
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Subtitle: The recurrence of human history – over…and over…and over…again!

How quickly we forget the horrors of war! How quickly we forget our pledges of peace!” – I am not going to waste my time on this post (as history itself has repeatedly shown in graphic detail whatever I could possibly say in words) other than to point out that I have found and uploaded the file of Carl Sagan‘s Pale Blue Dot speech for your edification during these trying times! I will place it after YouTube’s official video of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot.

For those of you who have not yet seen the video called ‘Pale Blue Dot’, then you are in for a reflective treat! If you prefer, you can follow the video’s audio along with the provided verbatim text which is directly below the video itself.

Perhaps Mr. Vladimir Putin[1] will watch the video and realize that we are all human on this Pale Blue Dot wanting the same basic things in life! We don’t want war! We want peace! We want prosperity for our children! We want a future for humanity…for Earth! Not a future just for America. Or China. Or Russia. Or…any other country. Just Earth! EclecticBeaver's Signature Image

Official Pale Blue Dot Video

Pale Blue Dot (text below)



We are a complex species called Homo sapiens. Grouped in the genus Homo, it is the only species…not YET…extinct!

Perhaps it is time to entertain the possibility of a new geopolitical existence! Time to transcend country borders (we are all human…after all) and become One[…ooh!…] called…♁Earth…where resources are governed by the dictates of actual human needs…and not ego fulfillments![I know! We still have a ways to go yet…due in part to our underdeveloped frontal lobe. Well…at the very least, I can die…imagine -ing!]


[1] As well as President Joe Biden, President Xi Jinping, and the leaders of the remaining 192 countries.