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Hi!👋 Given our present political situation, I immediately started to look for news sources concerning the Russian[1] people’s reaction to their President’s[2] decision to invade[3] Ukraine. Being a man that subscribes to the ‘getting-it-from-the-horse’s-mouth’ philosophy in approaching matters, I downloaded and installed the Russian browser, Yandex![4] Actually, this statement is not entirely true…

I was using Yandex prior to the present Ukraine crisis. I wanted to submit my sitemap to the Yandex search engine as I was thinking at the time there may be recompense for my online efforts given that Russia is a developed country with a population of over 142 million people! Surely, someone speaks English in Russia! Da! Da! Da!

In any event, here is the link to download Yandex. It is surprisingly fast[5] and well worth the time to download & install[6] if you enjoy online research & comparative cultural contemplations, both, of which I find fascinating! Enjoy! 😊

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[1] Yes! It is the CIA’s World Factbook!

[2] Russian President Vladimir Putin

[3] Rest assured that our progeny will be treated to different history book ‘stories’…depending on who wrote it…of course! “Truth…did u say? That’s relative…to whoever holds the gun!”

[4] You too can read ‘between the lines!’

[5] Yandex uses the Blink rendering engine

[6] Yes! You can use other browsers…but that isn’t the point, is it?