Yikes! It’s 2022!

It's 2022! Another New Year!
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It’s 2022 in the AST timezone for EclecticBeaver!

It’s 2022 and ‘Welcome to EclecticBeaver!’ Hi! My name is Derek and I created EclecticBeaver to act as my digital gateway for marketing my writing & creative skills to you! I want to take this time and wish each & every one of you the very best for the coming New Year!

Note: you can skip down to the big M from here without losing continuity. Some personal drivel…from here to there, lol!

Things here at EclecticBeaver are in disarray at the present due to circumstances for which I wish I had had control! But…alas, it was not to be! Ugh! Consequently, I am now, once again (Odin…please help me, I beg U!!!), in the process of instilling life into a phoenix called EclecticBeaver.

Does EclecticBeaver have the willpower to once again arise from the ashes? Yes, of course! Is there life after ‘ashes?’ Another asinine question I asked myself…ugh! Will success finally be realized? In response, I quipped “Successful people never quit!” There will be success…sometime……soon………I hope…………gotta eat more carbohydrates……………yeah………………another coffee too!

What can I say? My powers of duration & ingenuity are highly sustainable so…stay tuned…I am sure time will reveal the answers to all these above questions…and more…

Besides, there will always be that factor ‘X’…you know…the one which renders your contingency plans useless…ugh…bloody ugh! Times 2 again…geez! All you can do is…prepare…again!

More importantly though, and somewhat like a New Year, I am now brainstorming on what I can newly offer my clients which will help make their websites viable & successful for 2022. You may have noticed that the renewed concept of ‘website visitor interaction’ has taken center stage amongst marketers & webmasters. Their efforts are ‘in full swing’ implementing whatever it takes to get a visitor to meaningfully participate with website pages. You can tell this is happening by the fastly growing amount of animation engaging visitors on each mainstream website you happen to be on (mostly thanks to Airbnb with their phenomenal creation of Lottie giving you an optimized ability to render animation in real-time).

Now I am thinking that this would be an ideal package, combining the writing with the animation, for me to create and offer my clients! Why? I cannot ignore the fact that elements comprising the makeup of a visitor’s website page perception are ones inextricably bonded! The holistic effect would be evident, given these circumstances! One which flows with great original content showcased by relevant & engaging animations…all of which is focused on achieving the business goal you have set! I shudder to think of its effectiveness…lol! Your customers would be helpless…like moulding clay. Hmm…

Yeees, slightly sappy! Still, a powerful mix to consider as a website content & marketing technique. It is certainly one which I am exploring as a writer, creator and website business owner.

So! What is the conclusion here? That visitor website interaction is a concept worthy of time spent researching, implementing, and analyzing its results? Then, I would have to concur. And, I believe you have as well!

In any event, the year is young, lol! Aspirations are high! Myself, I want to surf 🏄 its’ wave throughout the year enjoying every moment of it! Have a great New Year!

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