Music is Soothing!

Time to Chill!

Be nice to U’r self – the Journey is quicker than U think…

I need some downtime! The only way I know how to charge my ‘battery’ is to listen to music!!

I was ‘surfing the Net’ one day & came across a rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’…by a young Swedish man called Chris Kläfford. His musical influence? KISS!!!

“Can U imagine!” Derek's graphic signature

Here is Chris performing ‘Imagine’…on stage…at America’s Got Talent (AGT):

Of course…U’ll want to hear John Lennon’s original of ‘Imagine’…no problem! Check it out…below!!

“After listening 🎧 …I found there was nothing more to…say…

Oh! ‘Battery is charged..!’

…gotta go 💨…working on another post!

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