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Hosting Google Analytics Locally

‘Hosting Google Analytics Locally’ is the convoluted result of trying to meet the new GDPR regulations regarding private data and the anonymization of IPs. Lol! Sporadically updated…

Yandex - Russian Browser

The Russian Browser Called Yandex

Given our present geopolitical crisis with Russia & Ukraine, I thought it would be helpful to post a link to the Russian Yandex web browser. You may find it useful to garner insight into what the Russian people are thinking about the global crisis and our slippery slope decent into mutual annihilation via Mr. Putin’s nuclear usage warning. Acceptable losses? A winner? Oh my…🤷‍♂️

Graphics to Words #1

I have wanted for some time to present a ‘behind the scenes’ rendering of an advertising popup I created earlier last year. Enjoy…

It's 2022! Another New Year!

Yikes! It’s 2022!

Hello! This is my opportunity to wish everyone the best possible upcoming New Year! As well, I give a brief intro and then launch into the upcoming 2022 events and expectations as one year ends and another begins!