Cover letter for derek/EclecticBeaver

Welcome to EclecticBeaver! Thank you for your interest! This nascent platform is my portal to the digital highway & the world at large. My palette for creating is now endless & the vehicle for distribution is obvious. Let the journey begin…

Read the rest of this cover letter. Peruse the site. Afterward, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether to contact me for hire. Thank you for your time & consideration! Have a superlative day!

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“Well…what do I haaave here‽”


When someone asks me to show evidence supporting claims made by me in the capacity of creator & maintainer of EclecticBeaver, I always say “proof is in the pudding.” And I always follow up by exclaiming “peruse my site!” Why?

Well…impressions form quickly. And! They tend to be hard to deny. After examining the EclecticBeaver website, I am quite sure you will come away with an impression upon which you can base your hiring decision.


Let’s get acquainted!

Check out my website! Take your time… The website is dynamic. Things are added & subtracted almost on a daily basis, lol! I am here if you need assistance…derek


I am creating a new service offering for custom animation files that promotes reader interactivity. This service is scheduled to be ready for 2022.

In a nutshell…

I am single-mindedly committed to my creative endeavours. A bit selfish! But…my clients love it!!!