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EclecticBeaver/Derek Portrait “I am a freelance writer offering different styles of writing services! NOT…just a number in another creative writing services company. I like to deal directly remotely with my clients at all times!” Why? Hmm…lol! Seriously, I like to write…so you can read about informative things, beneficial things, things that may help you in one way or another during your day’s journey… or at the very least, about things that broaden your horizon a wee bit…and perhaps even evoke a chuckle from you at the same time! Hmm…now that is something cathartic to write about…

A: Informative Content Writing

You have products or services that need to be visualized & described to your potential website customers. You also have as little as three (3) seconds to engage your prospective customers’ attention!

Informative text, along with the complementing style & graphics, will certainly make the task of decision buying for your customers easier.

And basically, that is what informative content writing is: it makes it easier for your customers to understand what you, the proprietor, are offering and whether it is what the customers desire! It’s…dear I say it…informative!

B: Opinioned Content Writing

This is content writing where you ‘voice’ your perspective on a person, place or thing, in order to win support for your text’s purpose.

Now, this style can be volatile and I think this is the underlying reason why opinioned content writing is utilized. (Why do I keep thinking of ‘short fused’ kegs of dynamite & brinkmanship‽ Lol!)

Opinioned content writing is certainly a way to get the conversation going! I find that you need to keep your tone positive though in order to maintain your position & composure!

A bonus would be a good denouement offering a better solution! This will promote & garner goodwill for your opinion as well as your brand! And, don’t forget about research!

Opinioned content writing can contain research to cite authorities concurring with your premises. This, in turn, gives residual authority to your opinion! Lol!

Finally…for me, I use the following quote as a guideline when I write opinioned content:

“You can persuade people easier with emotions than by logic!”

*I ascribe this quote to my father as it was the first time I had ever heard it.

C: Persuasive Content Writing

How many times have you heard this statement: “Listen, you have to buy this because..?”

It’s the ‘because’ that evokes & promotes…your potential customers’ mental visualizations & vicarious sensations…for your desired product or service!

Persuasive content writing is that ‘because’ and its ultimate goal is to create the emotive connection between your potential customers’ desire and the product or service you are offering!

Remember: the customers already know what they want! My job, as a persuasive content writer, is to make that ‘want’ or need as textually vivid as possible, both mentally visual & emotively connected, as soon as your potential customers land on your website page!