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Copywriting Services Subtitle: The Art of Evocation

Do you know what goal a copywriter is trying to achieve when creating material for an advertisement project? “Make money for the client,” you say! Lol…indirectly, yes… but the wrong answer! The correct answer would have been evocation! Or more precisely, the evocation of the connected emotion between a reader and whatever is needed or wanted or craved. This art of evoking, of bringing to the forefront, vicarious emotions, is the single most important goal of any good copywriter offering copywriting services!

There is a quote I have never forgotten over time (which kinda surprises me given my age, lol!) that I found to be 100% applicable to the occupation of copywriting. It is:

“You can persuade people easier with emotions than by logic!”

– I ascribe this quote to my father as it was the first time I had ever heard it –

We are sentient beings! We have to feel something before we become attached to anything! That’s the way we are! That’s the way Mother Nature made us! Our minds say “Yeap…sounds logical.” But our hearts aren’t thumping! We have no emotional connection. So we say “…maybe tomorrow…maybe.”

A good copywriter makes it inspiring enough to imbue this logic ‘with warmth!’ A good copywriter evokes the emotional connection we have within us for whatever it is that we need or want or crave! And finally, a good copywriter makes us feel good because we did do today whatever it was we needed or wanted or craved! And, we will thank you, not the copywriter (hmpf), for this! Hoorah! BONUS! You are garnering customer loyalty as well!

In conclusion, if your website survives on sales, then having a good copywriter is par for the course! Having a good copywriter is an asset most businesses cannot afford NOT to have! If you need a further copywriting services description, want to know my affordable copywriting services rates or specifically what copywriting services for websites I offer, then contact me for more information by clicking the button below!

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