QUESTIONS (and corresponding ANSWERS) frequently asked by prospective EclecticBeaver clients.


What type of client needs EclecticBeaver’s web content writing services?


There are actually three (3) different types of EclecticBeaver clients.

(1) Individuals: People who are DIYers, but need help with impactful & managed (SEO) content. Including those that decided on using Content Management Software (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, etc; and…did not realize the ‘behind the scene’ efforts needed to make a viable digital presence. And…anyone else in this category.

(2) Startups: New businesses on a tight marketing budget but need the SEO groundwork done in order to get their web content indexed by search engines as quickly as possible.

(3) Agencies: Usually hired during peak workloads.


How are EclecticBeaver payment transactions conducted?


I prefer using PayPal for EclecticBeaver billing. Why?

This ensures that I have no access to your credit card information. If you require other payment types, then we can discuss this subject at the appropriate time.


What are EclecticBeaver rates?


Rates vary according to the project & how established you are as an online business.

If you want to hire me by the hour…and I can do everything remotely…I charge $35.00 CAD per hour.

PS: You are better off asking for a project quote…unless you really need only a couple of hours…lol!


What is EclecticBeaver’s (Derek Lloyd’s Derek's graphic signature) guarantee to clients?


My guarantee…as the creator & owner of EclecticBeaver…is a simple one! I adhere to my industry standards.

Any faults…accordingly…would be negligence on my part and subject to an immediate refund of costs.

PS: Really don’t see this happening…as anyone can view the page source…lol!

Hi! If you have a question, please submit it here. I usually respond within 24 hours. Have a great day! Derek's graphic signature