Keyword Research, Post-Analytics and Revisions

Disclaimer: I want to emphasize that I am not a marketeer. I am a writer that appropriately utilizes the industry-standard SEO methodology for his clientele’s benefit.

Keyword Research (part of SEO – search engine optimized-ation[organic]):

What are we talking about here? Keyword research? Much ado about nothing? Yes…no?..maybe…perhaps? I think the only beneficial way one can approach this arcane process (basically a super-duper mathematical algorithm, lol!) is by simply becoming your typical customer! After all, who is entering the words, phrases and long-tails into search engines attempting to find the product or service you offer? I believe this is the first premise to any successful keyword research.

Generated keywords in this fashion are like the sun-glimmering gold nuggets you extract from a stream after a successful day’s panning. Taken together they amount to a tangible value. Utilized within your text, these nuggets will help to make it easier for your customers to find the value they desire on your website pages…and not your competitors! How?

A well-planned keyword strategy promotes search engine indexing which, in turn, determines your page ranking. This ranking helps your customers find your web pages easier. Don’t forget though!

The efficacy of keyword research is determined in part by how accurately you perceive your customer personas! This is a refinement process not to be relegated to a lesser priority if you want meaningful results for your keyword research efforts! After all, what would you prefer: lots of ‘window shoppers’ or someone completing your call-to-action (CTA)?


Determining whether an article promoted greater traffic for your website is not a good indication of the effectiveness of the article itself. It does lend weight to the value of keyword research. A greater value is contained in the indicators that denote how long a visitor spent reading the article in question and what transpired thereafter!

Did the reader click on your CTA? Did the reader immediately go to another article? Did the reader simply leave? All these questions and more are the ones you want to be answered! It will be these answers which will help to serve as a guide to any revisions.

To determine the answers to the above questions, I use Google Analytics, other search engine tools like Bing Webmaster Tools and the many free online tools that any good SEO content writer would find quite handy in evaluating SEO performance with originally created content.

Note: Unless you represent an agency, the degree of granularity achieved by utilizing such tools as the above is more than sufficient for individuals and startups. You always have the option of paid tools.


A revision is generally triggered by the results of the post-analytic findings. Revisions may be repeated several times depending on the nature and dynamics of the textual piece (time-sensitive, additional demographic considerations, shift in demand and/or keywords, factor X).

Revisions are great for ‘tuning in’ to your customers’ base. The better informed you are, the better you can focus on meeting your customers’ needs.

Analytic Notes for this SEO page:

“…data, data, data…eureka…a conclusion!”

1) I have found that it generally takes time for SEO to work “its’ magic!”

2) Internet markets are being progressively dominated by big business ventures. Your ‘piece’ of the internet pie is daily growing smaller as a result. Consequently, the demand for originality becomes greater & greater not only as a means to maintain your marketing identity (you have to ‘stick out’ & be remembered) but also to create that ‘ever so elusive’ uniqueness which every human being craves to find on the internet…on a daily basis…on your website…not your competitors’.

3) Originality will eventually become the main marketing tool as the internet becomes progressively saturated with…well, you know…EVERYTHING! PS: you can run this by Bill if you want…

4 a) The way you succeed in building a viable internet business today is firstly to create & nurture your evergreen content. Social media (oh no…) and community connections are next and really should be an integral part of your evergreen tactics & strategy. THEN, you have to regularly create original & captivating content that is mainly focused on your buyer’s persona (…this is my part).

4 b) You should always…always keep your search engine index motor ‘well oiled’ with researched keywords (…it’s a big job and it’s dynamic…and, it’s internet obscurity if you don’t!). The rest depends on your product/service market’s demand, networking with your business peers, and finally…how well your salespeople and/or your marketing campaigns perform.

Conclusion: Unless you can artificially manipulate economic markets (lol..I know…it’s been tried before), then what I have delineated above is fundamentally a great (…and my recommended) initial path to take for building a foundation to a viable ‘website business success’ for most individuals, startups and agencies! Or, simply ‘pick & choose.’

If you require clarification or want to discuss any aspect of my notes, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below!

I don’t think I am wrong in ascribing relevancy to any aspect of my analytic notes. But…I am human and subject to this species’ inherent shortcomings. Therefore, I try to keep an open mind for my own revisions as well as my clients.” EclecticBeaver's Signature Image

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