Carl Sagan (astronomer): Pale Blue Dot!

Special Post: “Earth…our Home!”

“I created this special post hoping that reason will prevail…given our present dire geopolitical reality!” Derek's graphic signature

Please listen to…every…word…of Carl Sagan’s video called the ‘Pale Blue Dot!‘ It is humbling, given the profundity of his message! Think…of your loved ones…while you listen to Mr. Sagan’s message!

We…as a global community…need to think as one entity…because we are all human! We need each other! Let’s look for…common ground…and not division: ‘Together we stand…divided we fall!’ That means we have to put ‘both feet on the ground!‘: No more dogmas, ideologies, religions, self-interested politicians…greedy corporations…media propaganda… no more!!!Derek's graphic signature

‘Together we stand…divided we fall!’ A pretty poignant statement given our present geopolitical predicament…regardless of what corner of Earth you inhabit!! Remember: we are all human!!! Take strength in that fact!!!!

Now! Please watch & listen to Carl Sagan’s video (below) entitled ‘Pale Blue Dot!’ The text, almost 100% verbatim, is below the video. Read along with the video audio if you prefer. I also provided (below the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ text) the complete 193-page text of Carl Sagan: ‘Pale Blue Dot: A Vision Of The Human Future In Space.’

The text to the video called ‘Pale Blue Dot!’ is below:


The complete 193-page text of Carl Sagan: ‘Pale Blue Dot: A Vision Of The Human Future In Space’ is provided for you below:


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