Hacker Alert! Your Due Diligence for Personal Online Security!!

Own up to it: U are responsible for U’r online security…end of story!’ That being said…I can help U along this personal online security path…by Ureading further…

Note: No graphics yet! Coming…lol!!

🔒 HTTPS Protocol

🥇 First off! Did U configure your browser to only accept the HTTPS protocol? Why?..did U say?

🧑‍🏫 Configuring U’r browser to only accept the HTTPS protocol ensures U’r online communications are:

  • Secured by authenticating all parties in a connection…
  • Checked for data integrity…
  • Provided with encrypted communications

Use U’r favourite search engine & find out how to implement this very important security feature in U’r chosen browser! Highly recommended ✨ !!

I think the above is enough for the argument to use HTTPS..lol!

🔑 Password Manager

U are not going to remember 🧠 all of those 20+ alpha-numeric character passwords! Get a password manager! Make U’r life easy…and online secure!!

Caveat: (not now…perhaps later!)

Never…never…never…use U’r browser’s password manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Derek's graphic signature Why?

Third-party password managers are cross-platform & cross-browser! A proprietary browser’s password manager is NOT!! What does this mean?

U can use U’r third-party password manager on any device’s operating system (OS) & any browser! NOT so…for a proprietary browser’s password manager!! Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!!!

LastPass[not affiliated…but I used it for over 2 years] is a definite ‘OK’…for non-technical people! Bitwarden[not affiliated…but I use this open-source password manager every day]…which is my preference!! A bit more technically involved!!! But…Bitwarden is open-source & NEVER has been hacked!!!! Bonus: audited by top third-party security firms!!!!!

What more can I say…as it would appear to be content filler…eeks 😬 !

📧 Email

Find an Email service that has decent filtering capabilities. After using several, including Microsoft[still a good company], I ended up…many moons ago…as an ardent user of Gmail![not affiliated…but have been using Gmail for over 5 years] It filters out spam & such thingspretty well!! Just my preference folks!!! Further: In the last 5 years, I have been hacked once…via a multiplayer first-person shooter (MPFPS) gaming site account using my Gmail address…which I resolved quickly…lol!!!! Can’t say that…for the rest…(my experience folks)!!!!!

Basic stuff…really…not too time-consuming ⏲️ to implement! Follow the above 🔝 [U will thank me…eventually…I swear!!]for a safer personal online experience!!!

This post is subject to continuous updates[Last update: November 29, 2022]! Thank you for U’r valuable time!! Derek's graphic signature

Coming soon 😊: 2FA for U’r personal online safety…part of the personal cybersecurity framework…handling hackers et al!

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