Integrating the JSON-LD schema within the WordPress framework

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I will give you the…

Post synopsis of research journey…from understanding JSON-LD to implementing it within the WordPress framework

Hi everyone! Since this is a synopsis of the post ‘Integrating the JSON-LD schema within the WordPress framework’, I will be brief…lol! I researched JSON-LD until I acquired an understanding of its function & practical usage according to today’s industry standards…and then… familiarized myself with the easy-to-use JSON-LD generation & verification tools that are freely available! After another week of research on ‘implementing JSON-LD within the WordPress framework,’ I came to the conclusion that, since I am not an expert in PHP, I painfully (time-wise & against my WP anti-plugin sentiment…lol!) conceded (eventually…happy) to a WP plugin called WPCode[not affiliated] which…renders the script within the <head> tags (preferred by ‘you know who!’).

But…oh my gosh! Just to arrive at the above conclusioneven after researching the top ten (10) search page results for information on how to integrate JSON-LD within the WordPress frameworkit left me ‘mentally exhausted’ (Read the post!). Anyway…until publication – and for those of you that can’t wait – here is how to integrate JSON-LD within WordPress without having to hire a PHP coder:

Implementing JSON-LD within the WordPress (WP) framework

  • Familiarize yourself with (easy)
  • Understand the JSON-LD function & understand what a major search engine thinks about JSON-LD (easy)
  • There is an assortment of JSON-LD generators out there. Myself: I use webcode’s generator.[not affiliated]
  • Use Google’s Rich Results Test site for verification and customization of code
  • Download WPCode plugin & open it (familiarize yourself)
  • Insert the JSON-LD script code and set the rendering logic for the designated URL(s)…but…within the header (preferred by ‘you know who!’)
  • Use Google’s Rich Results Test site for verification of the URL you just injected JSON-LD

‘Use a WP plugin instead’…you ask!

I tried a couple of WordPress plugins designed to implement JSON-LD within WP. The results were basic JSON-LD and I had no customization control…like including the rich result requirements within JSON-LD by ‘you know who.’ So…I quickly learned how to customize the structured data within the JSON-LD schema! Now…I have one plugin installed which satisfies Google’s preference for placing JSON-LD within the <head> tags, called WPCode,..and…I can readily customize the JSON-LD structured data with the Rich Results Test by Google. Sweet!

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