Product/Service Description Writer

My writing methodology as a product/service description writer

Number 1: Understand the target demographics for your product/service!

There is nothing worse than expending valuable resources to gain an all-inclusive audience…when a noticeable number…does not need your product/service!

Number 2: Product/Service Description…Pertinent & Concise…“focused on your audience’s needs!”

Let’s face it! Using superfluous & redundant words…& shallow phraseologies…does not ultimately impress your audience! Drill down…to your ‘actual’ audience’s needs!! Create from there!!!

Keep your product/service description 20 words or less…pertinent & powerfully concise…addressing your customers’ needs!

Number 3: Graphics & Layout

Always think about the ‘flow’ of your message! What does this mean? Your product/service description text needs user-friendly webpage layouts & visuals (graphics) for fluidity!! This ensures the webpage is navigationally intuitive…and…the customer is engaged…as visuals are the # 1 initial perceptions your customer will have…when visiting your website!!! Flow…from the visual to the text[a good rule-of-thumb]!!!!

Number 4: Keywords & Revision

I could go on…but time is valuable!

Want more? Hire me!

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