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Web Content Creation – post series #1: Infographics

Web Content Creation: Infographics

Welcome to Web Content Creation: Infographics, the first post in the post-series called Web Content Creation.’

Note: Please don’t mind me! I am experimenting with a ‘twitteresque’ writing style!

Firstly…I thought I should present…a typical Infographic:

…more examples for those interested.

Anyway…the gist of why U should incorporate Infographics within your web content strategy is below this statement…lol!

Make Infographics a part of your web content strategy for 2022…and beyond…either for B2B or B2C! Why?

The Purpose of Infographics for Web Content

Chelsea Alves – LinkedIn

“If you want that person to retain that information, tell a visual story with an infographic.”

Chelsea Alves, Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Rio SEJ

…yes, I am quoting Chelsea Alves! I happen to agree with her: ‘people ARE…more visual than textual!!’[Please note: I am not affiliated with Search Engine Journal SEJ].

Retain information! Visual web content like Infographics stimulates your readers’ memory function, lol!

U now know the Pros [well, the only one that counts!]…the other side of the coin…is:

Cons of Infographics

Average Infographic Cost: $1,000…however…listen up!

There are companies like Venngage[not affiliated] that offer template-styled infographics. Don’t ask! I am not familiar with Venngage…only its business type.

But…statistics show that original content aces all other web content…hmm!

Must be the ‘human touch’ & not that ‘cookie-cutter’ feeling! I am sure there is a debate here…somewhere!!

U decide…

Wrapping it up…

A visual rendition of information you can easily digest – an infographic!” Derek's graphic signature

For those of you who like statistics on how useful Infographics can be…click here…you can look at the statistics…in an infographic…lol…on the visme[not affiliated] website.

“An infographic is still one of the better options for your web content strategy…referencing your ROI!” ? ? ?

“I hope you found my post edifying!” Derek's graphic signature

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