Web Content Creation – post series #2: Original ? Web Content

Web Content Creation: Original ? Web Content

Google Content Update [a good link to know]! Basically interpreted ➡️ Original & reader-satisfying material will excel in the search engine indexing process! ? Read the Google info provided by the link for a full account. The GIST: Useful & original web content is now…in demand!! Not only by your customers…but also by Google et al…lol!!!

Google loves ? originality

In order to understand why original content is important for SEO, we’ll only need to take a look at Google’s mission. The first line of their mission reads ‘Our company mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ In a nutshell, Google wants to offer its users the information that they’re looking for, information that’s valuable to them. If you want to dive deeper into how this works, make sure to read our article on what Google does.

So, if you want Google to rank your content, you need to write something that is accessible and useful for your audience. That means that your information should be easy to access and should add something to all the other information on the internet (about a certain topic). This means that you should write something original that is not yet offered in other blogs, articles or websites.

– quoted from Yoast[not affiliated]

Just in case: custom content = original content!

So…when you create your blogs, “How to’s…”, product descriptions, opinion posts, book reviews, guides…and videos, graphics & animations…be original!

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“Become a John E. Powers of copy or a Pablo Picasso of visuals! Just create…original & meaningful web content!!Derek's graphic signature

Further proof?

In fact, 78% of consumers will believe that you’re interested in building a good relationship with them when they see custom content vs. generic information.

– from ContentWriters.com[not affiliated]

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