Web content with SEO punch!

SEO punch? What do you mean…eh?

It’s always “nice & dandy” to whip up an article, post, blog, product description, etc.; thinking it will tickle your audience! Happy things will assuredly happen: Online customers will flock to your newly published website content…internet visibility will exponentially brighten…sales will miraculously increase…customer loyalty is ‘…in the bag!’ Which would be great! But! Unfortunately…this is not entirely so[1]! Why? Well! Because…unless you have already established your website as a search index authority, search engines will need to find your web content in order for ‘your audience’ to FIND U’R WEB CONTENT!!! Search engine indexing authority…is the best goal to strive for…no discussion is necessary…your #1 site goal!

How do you achieve this authority[2] within the various search engines’ indexing? You can begin by ensuring optimal placement of keywords[3] ( queries by actual people typing their needs into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ask.com, etc .); within your web content! It is what you call ‘organic (S)earch (E)ngine (O)ptimization’ in the SEO industry. Think of it as the ‘meat & potatoes’ of SEO! And…it is free! As long as you can implement it! If not…then…you will have to hire someone…like….hmmme! (PS: for my website content only)

What does all of the above entail? Well! Simply by following a basic series of SEO rules, you can rest assured your website content will be found by search engine indexing processes. What are these SEO rules? Send me…hmm…one thousand dollars Canadian, eh…joking…of course…

A query in any major search engine will reveal all the secrets of organic SEO that you will ever need (…and it’s updated…continuously…just keep searching every day…lol!). However! If you do not have the time…well, then…you can always…hire me!

Ok (…I am not a meanie…)! Here are the best SEO basics (in terms of ROI) I can offer you for website content:

1) Audience, Audience, Audience!

If you do not define your audience, you are wasting your time! What do I mean? “Not everyone is looking for your product/service!“…”Get it!” You want to focus your resources on the internet audience NEEDING your product/service!!! Research…their needs!!!

2) Keyword Research

What can I say? If you don’t do proper keyword research, then it is the same as having a house without a civic number! Web content needs verifiable addresses (keywords)…in order for search engines (ie: translates into your customers finding you!) to find all of your web content!!!

3) Originality

Cannot stress this enough! If you are just a copycat (drag & paste), you will accumulate NO kudos from the major search engines!!! Either originality orgradually disappear from ranking in any search engine site authority indexing!’

More SEO Tidbits!

I think I have given you enough! Really…you say! Yeap!..that…is what I say! Because…if you follow the 3 SEO basics I have outlined above, I guarantee that when you want to spend money on internet marketing such as ad campaigns, your ROI will be viable…because you have created an organic SEO foundation first!!! Want more? Hire me!

Please note [1]: Original content offering beneficial (in-demand) products/services will always ace the search indexing process…just my gut feeling, lol!!!

Please note [2]: Website authority is an accumulative process…ie: it takes time…think of the proverbial snowball…lol!

Please note [3]: Other ranking factors obviously exist…I am only concerned with the ROI of the top SEO ranking factors for laying an organic SEO foundation with my created web content! If you want to know all of the 200 known ranking SEO factors, HubSpot can show you here! (Attention: I am not an affiliate of HubSpot.)

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