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Website Administrative Online Tools

“Repertoire Of Useful Things”

Hi! The website administrative online tools on this page are still here because they have passed the test of time. These tools can be used for reliable cursory checks whether you maintain a WordPress site or something else. A brief description & link is provided for each tool.

Note1: no affiliation to resources unless stated.

Note2: updated on September 27, 2021

Disclaimer: These tools are provided ‘as is!’ Some links provide multiple tools, some of which I have not yet used. In these cases, I am relying on the source for trustworthiness & tool efficacy. All links have been checked by Google’s Safe Browsing site status tool (updated: October 13, 2021).


“A to Z Resources”

My reason for creating this resource page is to save you the time I spent finding & evaluating each tool before entering it into my “repertoire of useful things.” If you know of a resource that you feel belongs on this page, let me know! [Note: I will credit you with a ‘Submitted by:’ notification. Any provided link has to pertain to a website administration resource for individuals & small businesses. Evaluation can take up to 6 weeks depending on the resource.]

Table of Resources

Note: The table will be populated with ‘first come’ entries until navigation becomes awkward.

Google Analytics

What can I say about Google Analytics that hasn’t already been said? A great tool! A fair amount of effort is needed to understand its’ functionality. But..! One can learn everything one needs to know at the Google Analytics Academy. All free stuff! You just need the desire, lol!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another favourite of mine. I can quickly check my URLs, performance, core web vitals, and more!

Google’s Safe Browsing Site Status Tool

Google’s Safe Browsing technology tool provides a cursory check to determine a site’s safety. In my role as a site administrator, I run sites through the tool just as a quick precautionary & proactive security measure. Go to the link! Under ‘Check site status’, enter the URL of the site you want Google to examine for safety.

WordPress Security Scan

I found it to be a tough decision in choosing the best tool to perform a WordPress security scan. Even though I would recommend GeekFlare’s ‘WordPress Security Scanner’, I prefer Hacker Target’s ‘WordPress Security Scan.’ The scan provides more details.

Website Admin Tool Chest

GeekFlare’s one-stop location for a plethora of admin tools that should delight most website owners. From an HTTP Headers Checker tool to the JS Vulnerability Scanner tool, you can test your site 35 + ways. Check it out!

Website Speed Testing

From the available website speed testing tools, I ended up staying with Google’s PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix. Both are nicely put together which makes them easy to use and understand. Lots of meaningful suggestions are provided with the test results.

Mobile-Friendly Test

This is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool. The name says it all. I discovered this tool while learning & deploying Google’s AMP framework and have since been using it to double-check my responsive templates.

W3C Developers has a nice array of tools for code, link, RDF, and, RSS, validations.

Redirects & Statuscode Tool

An easy-to-use tool for determining whether your redirects are working. It’s actually quite nifty! Give this Redirect Checker tool a try! You can even set your User-Agent.