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Hi! Welcome to the Writer’s Resource Center! And right off, let me emphatically state that I understand the preference for utilizing any resource during the performance of your craft is ultimately a personal one! I remain confident, however, that at least one of the resources listed below will aid in ameliorating your writer’s journey to success! The writer’s resource center mainly focuses on both, content writing & copywriting material. Enjoy! Plus… I needed to oil the indexing engines too, lol!

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Personal Resource Section


Of all the resources that will eventually be listed on this page, you should always consider yourself the superlative resource! Why? Because…it will be you…that keeps the motivational ‘fire’ kindled during those inevitable dark moments of creative despair! You…that will persevere and extract from your amorphous realm of phantasmagorias…choice elements to create original works evoking ‘ooohs & aaahs’ from your appreciative audiences! You…that will bathe in the accolades of all your achievements! You..! NEVER FORGET these perspectives…or you will lose the superlative resource…you!


Informational Resource Section

Literary Hub

I recently came across the Literary Hub site and was immediately taken by its’ ambiance! Simply ‘thumbing’ through the web pages triggers a mental firing of kaleidoscopic imagery! Even though the site does not specifically deal with content writing or copywriting, the diversity in the site’s subject material is exactly what I crave! No gold⭐star yet! But, without further time & research, I can already tell that the Literary Hub site is a top-level contender for my attention!


Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest (WD) first started with the name ‘Successful Writing’ back in 1921. Having survived the vicissitudes of time, you can now view the site here! What does Writer’s Digest offer to you, the reader and aspiring writer? Lots of t’ings, eh! The site offers helpful articles & insights into the craft of effective writing. There is a section for poetry as well! And, even though I have never participated, WD has writing competitions for anyone interested.

Writer’s Tool Resource Section

Google Docs

I use Google Docs for many of my writing, editing, and research needs. Even though the app already has many features, I am able to incorporate other tools, like Grammarly, which further enhances the application’s usefulness. If you are not using Google Documents, then check it out here! And, the answer is ‘no’ to the anticipated next question: Have you used Google Workspace for individuals? Not yet, anyway…