Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant – Services

Research Guru!

Detail Oriented!

Time Manager!

Virtual Services:

  • assistance starting a website
  • assistance with web design
  • assistance with content management software (CMS)
  • assistance with website administration
  • assistance with website content
  • assistance with website problem solving
  • assistance with remote maintenance
  • assistance with template styling


  • just some ‘old fashion’ assistance, lol!

Virtual Services:

…assistance starting a website

…assistance with web design

…assistance with content management software (CMS)

…assistance with website administration

…assistance with website content

…assistance with website problem solving

…assistance with remote maintenance

…assistance with template styling

…assistance with general research & deployment


just some ‘old fashion’ assistance, lol!

Applicable to:

…assistance on demand (standby)

…scheduled assistance

…non-scheduled assistance (if time is available)

Applicable to:

  • assistance on demand (standby)
  • scheduled assistance
  • non-scheduled assistance (if time allows)