Product/Service Description Writer

My writing methodology as a product/service description writer Number 1: Understand the target demographics for your product/service! There is nothing worse than expending valuable resources to gain an all-inclusive audience…when a noticeable number…does not need your product/service! Number 2: Product/Service Description…Pertinent & Concise…“focused on your audience’s needs!” Let’s face it! Using superfluous & redundant words…& …

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Hacker Alert! Your Due Diligence for Personal Online Security!!

Own up to it: ‘U are responsible for U’r online security…end of story!’ That being said…I can help U along this personal online security path…by U…reading further… Note: No graphics yet! Coming…lol!! πŸ”’ HTTPS Protocol πŸ₯‡ First off! Did U configure your browser to only accept the HTTPS protocol? Why?..did U say? πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Configuring U’r …

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Word Person #3: Self-Esteem

I know: it’s a compound word! Self-esteem: How U perceive yourself…as a unique individual! By valuing U’r self-worth, U generate self-confidence…giving U self-esteem!! First πŸ†•…introduced by William James (a noted psychologist) in 1890. πŸ“œ Historical origin: The concept of self-esteem has its origins in the 18th century, first expressed in the writings of the Scottish enlightenment thinker David …

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History: Time to start thinking about the United Federation of Planets (UFP)!

Note: no graphics yet!!! “Here we go again! History repeating itself… once more…ad nauseam!!” …in reference to the Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan, North Korea-the World (I think ultimately…oh my), Turkey-Syria-Iraq & Israeli-Palestine (Middle East except Turkey’s Hatay Province), Africa (diverse regions)..and a multitude of other countries…engaged within the deadly global arena of devastating conflicts now waging …

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Web Content Creation – post series #2: Original πŸ’‘ Web Content

Web Content Creation: Original πŸ’‘ Web Content Google Content Update [a good link to know]! Basically interpreted ➑️ Original & reader-satisfying material will excel in the search engine indexing process! πŸ” Read the Google info provided by the link for a full account. The GIST: Useful & original web content is now…in demand!! Not only …

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WordPerson #2: Serendipity

Word Person #2: Serendipity! πŸ€

“Serendipity: a quality everyone wants…for a backup!” 🀣 A word coined by English writer Horace Walpole (…in 1754)…derived from the Persian story called ‘The Three Princes of Serendip‘…used to explain ‘unexpected situational & positive resolution-rendering instances’…in your life’s journey…lol! Basically…luckπŸ€!! Some grammatical points to ponder: Serendipity is a noun. The phonetic respelling is ‘sΙ›r Ι™nˈdΙͺp …

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Music is Soothing!

Time to Chill!

Be nice to U’r self – the Journey is quicker than U think… I need some downtime! The only way I know how to charge my ‘battery’ is to listen to music!! I was ‘surfing the Net’ one day & came across a rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’…by a young Swedish man called Chris KlΓ€fford. …

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The Word: Etymology

An EclecticBeaver Impromptu moment!

Etymology…a gateway to conceptual extrapolation…and thusly wider perceptual abilities…everyone needs this…no sh*t!…including me! A Word Game…Anyone? ✍️ I was thinking tonight about various cosmic concerns…and I stumbled upon a brilliant idea…which I will be unfolding…bear with me… “Word People!” πŸ«‚ πŸ›°οΈ “The power of vocabulary…cannot be ‘overstated!’” That’s right! I want to present words to …

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Keyword Research

Web Content: The Pertinence of Keyword Research

Keyword Research? What are U talking about? …keyword research ensures that major search engines find your…new…web content… 🏘️ Think of houses…without civic numbers…how do U find them? It’s the same for new web content! It needs an address…psst…keywords!! It’s one of the paths toward website authority indexing!!! Performing keyword research! Obviously…there are many companies offering …

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