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Hi! You are probably wondering why there is a page within the EclecticBeaver website not pertaining to WRITING, but…to WordPress! Well, for a multitude of reasons! The main ones are:

  • I find myself utterly fascinated with this thing we call the Internet! It has so many avenues to explore! And, given the fact that it is very difficult for me to focus on merely one thing, I…yes… pursue several things in turn! Besides writing, I like to manage my own digital gateway called EclecticBeaver, lol! To facilitate this delightful task, I chose the WordPress content management software (cms).
  • WordPress is widely used which makes it a great writing subject! And, despite the ridiculous number of established online businesses offering anything-WordPress-related, I still think the WordPress market has a pursuable potential for garnering clients needing original & engaging website content!
  • The SEO value contained in the page content per se.
  • You and I have a list of safe[1] and relevant resources to help with our administration of WordPress, lol!

Note 1: I have tried to only list the resources which are free and actually help – based on my experience – an aspiring webmaster to accomplish wonderful things with the WordPress platform! Any resource for which I am an affiliate will be duly noted.

Note 2: Each ⭐starred resource has been evaluated and given a perfunctory check by the Google Safe Browsing site status tool. The rest are still being evaluated both for safety and relevancy. The last dated URL checks were conducted on March 7, 2022.


WordPress Resource List

WordPress Usage & Development:

WordPress Safety & Security:

Image Optimization:

‘Odds & Ends’:

WordPress Usage & Development Resource Section


You cannot do anything without the WordPress CMS! So…take a gander…cogitate if you have to…and decide if you want to download this highly popular CMS!


WordPress Developer Resources

This is the official WordPress Developer Resources website. If you want to discover the ‘intricacies’ of WordPress, then, this is the place for you! Categories of technical interest are:

  • Code Reference
  • Coding Standards
  • Block Editor
  • Common APIs
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Rest API
  • WP-CLI


WordPress Codex

The following is the WordPress Codex main-page welcome quote. It succinctly sums up what the site contains. It states:

“Welcome to the WordPress Codex, the online manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation.”[quoted from WordPress Codex]



The WPBeginner website provides quality information and ‘how-to’ instructions to those of us wanting to learn the highly popular CMS called WordPress. Even people familiar with WordPress, like me 😇, still come to WPBeginner in search of something WordPress-related, lol! Thank you WPBeginner! The site itself was founded in 2009 by a person called Syed Balkhi.


WordPress Safety & Security Resource Section

Google Safe Browsing Tool

If you are worried about a particular 🚨 website and would like to ease your mind a bit, then the Google Safe Browsing site status tool is exactly what you need! You can utilize the tool to determine if that particular 🚨 website has a ‘less-than-exemplary’ internet history!

Note: If I ever have time, I may configure this tool for local usage. Just a thought for now…


Image Optimization Resource Section


I have tried many methods for image compression optimization. I have utilized all the pixel formats including Google’s WebP in an effort to reduce image file sizes. I have experimented with various WordPress image optimization plugins. My conclusion on image compression optimization after all of the time spent doing what I have just stated is:

if you do not have a quality pixel editor like Photoshop, and need to compress your PNG, JPEG, JPG, or WebP, then; TinyPNG is the only one-stop image compression tool you will ever need!



Although I have been utilizing SVG editors for some time now, I have never used a tool like SVGminify. Despite this fact, I provided a spot here for SVGminify because my preliminary background research showed this time-honoured tool to be utilized by many for minifying the SVG language and reducing your image file size. Even Scamadviser[2] gives SVGminify a Trustscore of 100! I also included it for your edification!



For technically-minded individuals, there is the SVG minifier called SVGO which involves installing node.js.[3] I plan to publish an article covering an SVGO installation later this year.


‘Odds & Ends’ Resource Section

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VSC) is the main editor I use for my coding needs. I can only say that it is one of several impressive Microsoft contributions to the open-source community and the public at large![4] How can I possibly say such a thing? Well, if you name any other editor, there is a likely chance that I have already experimented with it! And yes, that statement would even include the revered Vim editor! I use VSC for my majors and Notepad++ for my minors++, lol!!!


Footnotes Section

[1] A safe site means I have subjected a resource’s URL to Google’s Safe Browsing site tool.

[2] Yeah! The reason I did include Scamadviser as a factor to consider whether SVGO is an SVG minifier ‘gem’ for you is that, apparently, the site receives over one million hits a month! That being said, I run all URLs, as previously stated, through a perfunctory online safety check. Lol! I am cautious as I don’t want to lead you into something for which I would not find edifying myself!

[3] There is a comparison from SaaSHub between SVGO and SVGminify for anyone interested here.

[4] For the open-source purist, go to VSCodium where you can obtain the “Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code.”[quoted from VSCodium] (Note: I have never used VSCodium)

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